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Pierre Vannineuse

Pierre Vannineuse’s blog is a place that will share information about running a successful international alternative investment firm.

Alternative Investment

Vannineuse runs his own alternative investment firm, Alpha Blue Ocean. This blog will share all of the intriguing details about each of the deals that his company makes, tracking the changes and developments that occur as Alpha Blue Ocean continues to grow.

Early Career

Having worked in a variety of prestigious finance and investment companies since 2010, including International Harbors Consulting, Total Petrochemicals, Diamond Advisory and ENGIE, Vannineuse branched out to create his own alternative investment businesses.

Alpha Blue Ocean

After founding his first company – Bracknor Investment Group – in 2015, Pierre Vannineuse founded his second – Alpha Blue Ocean in 2017.

Operates Internationalally

Ran from its Central London office, this alternative investment firm operates across the globe.


Alpha Blue Ocean’s mission is to finance the Real Economy, and the company provides innovative, smart and company-friendly financing solutions for both private and public SMEs.

Achievements & Experience

Having graduated from NEOMA Business School, Vannineuse has achieved a Master Specialised (MS) in International Finance, a BSc in International Business and a BBA in International Business Administration. Vannineuse was an exceptional student – even gaining an award for the Best Postgraduate Finance Thesis in 2014 – and his comprehensive education, combined with his years of experience in the financial sector, makes him an authority on contemporary international business and finance.

Vannineuse has experience and special interests in proprietary trading; statistical and econometric modelling; fixed income, equity and derivatives risk management; financial modelling and asset valuation; commodities risk management; comparative and quantitative analysis; and tax planning and investment strategies.