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CEO & Founder of Alpha Blue Ocean

Pierre Vannineuse is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Alpha Blue Ocean, an alternative investment firm that considers itself sector agnostic. This global company has its head office in Hanover Square in Central London, and its main strategy is to finance the Real Economy.


Alpha Blue Ocean focuses on providing innovative, smart and company-friendly financing solutions for private and public SMEs, which is why the company stands out amongst all of the other traditional trading firms.


Vannineuse’s specialisms include:

Proprietary trading

Statistical and econometric modelling

Portfolio and asset management

Private placements in public equities

Financial modelling and asset valuation

Commodities risk management

Tax planning and investment strategies


Prior to founding Alpha Blue Ocean – which Vannineuse runs alongside Founder & COO, Hugo Pingray and Founder and Executive Director, Amaury Mamou-Mani – he gained a wealth of experience in international business and investments by working for several well-established companies.

Having worked in finance since 2010, Vannineuse has a broad understanding of the sector, with previous employers including an equity alternative investment firm, where he was responsible for proposing, structuring and closing new potential transactions; an acquisitions, investments and financial advisory where Vannineuse’s role focused on project finance and excel modelling; a diamond advisory, where Vannineuse was a private consultant for diamond trading and brokerage; and as part of the team that was responsible for internal auditing and process optimisation at Total Petrochemicals.

Qualifications & Interests

Having gained a Bachelor of Business Adminstration (BBA) in 2010 from the University of Entrepreneurship and Management L. Koźmiński in Warsaw, Poland, Vannineuse moved to France in order to gain his Bachelor of Science (BSc) in International Business from the NEOMA Business School in 2012. Remaining at NEOMA Business School to achieve his Master Specialised (MS) in International Finance (Post Grad.), Vannineuse was recognised with an award for the best postgraduate finance thesis in 2014.

Vannineuse’s passion for smart yet creative investments has led him to continuously expand his knowledge in the field of international finance and investments, and he has used his personal interest in the field to create an innovative financing philosophy for his own alternative investment firm.
Alpha Blue Ocean was founded in August 2017 and thanks to Vannineuse’s dedication it now operates across the world, with offices in London, Geneva and Victoria.