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Alpha Blue Ocean has been advised by the legal firm Noerr on an agreement being signed between EHGO Securitization Fund and MOLOGEN AG in connection with convertible bonds subscription. EHGO is a securitisation fund advised by Alpha Blue Ocean. Alpha Blue Ocean was established in 2017 by three entrepreneurs, Amaury Mamou-Mani, Hugo Pingray and Pierre Vannineuse. You can learn more about Alpha Blue Ocean by watching the short video attachment.

Agreement Terms

The innovative agreement gives MOLOGEN the right to require subscription by the investor for EHGO’s convertible bonds over a two-year period, up to an aggregate amount of a maximum 12 million euros. At MOLGEN’s request, bonds will be issued in tranches of 500,000 euros each, up to a maximum of 24 tranches. Certain conditions must be satisfied to facilitate the right to request a tranche being issued.

The bonds can be concerted by EHGO at its own discretion, although once a full year has elapsed from the issuance date of a specific tranche of bonds, the conversion becomes mandatory. The intention of EHGO is to utilise the net proceeds from the bonds to finance operations within the company, particularly production outsourcing. EHGO is advised exclusively by Alpha Blue Ocean, which was advised on the legal aspects of the agreement by Noerr.

About Noerr

Noerr is one of the top law firms in Europe and has also established itself internationally. The global network of Noerr includes offices in eleven countries worldwide, as well as a top-ranked network of ‘best friends’ law firms. You can find out more about where Noerr has presence in the PDF attachment looking at the history of the firm, including where and when each office was opened.

Noerr employs more than 500 professionals, each well-versed in the company’s shared values which revolve around the single goal of achieving success for the client. Solutions are devised and implemented by the strong teams at Noerr for the most sophisticated and complex legal matters, working with clients ranging from international investors, financial institutions, medium and large-sized family businesses, multinational companies and listed groups.

The Noerr Values

The Noerr values are excellence, trust, passion and team spirit, set as the standards by which the firm and each individual within is measured. Excellence means providing a service that is of world-class quality, with speed and precision at the highest legal expertise levels. The members of the team who are most competent to act for each individual case are fielded to that client, ensuring the highest quality of service to reach excellent results. Trust requires each member of the team to rely on each other and operate with transparency, taking responsibility for mistakes as well as positive actions.

All rules and commitments are adhered to and integrity and loyalty towards clients and the firm are a given. Passion means solving problems with optimism, pleasure and dedication, with an infectious commitment that doesn’t lose sight of the objectives of the client. Team spirit facilitates personal growth for each individual, honing their own specialisations and distinguishing themselves in their field, while simultaneously recognising the strength that comes from working together. The focus at Noerr is not on problems, but on solutions.

Alpha Blue Ocean

Alpha Blue Ocean has over half a billion euro in commitments deployed in worldwide investments. The company has over 30 collaborators worldwide and works with invested capital focusing on the health, resources and technology sectors. Alpha Blue Ocean was established on a foundation of making a social impact rather than simply making profit. You can read more about the work of Fondation Bleu Ocean in the infographic attachment.