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Alpha Blue Ocean is an innovative finance company offering a new wave of tailored financing solutions for projects and companies. It was commercially launched in 2017 by Pierre Vannineuse, Hugo Pingray and Amaury Mamou-Mani, who you can read more about in the attached PDF document. The main aim of ABO is financing the Real Economy, working with SMEs to foster smart, company-friendly, sustainable financing solutions.


The values of Alpha Blue Ocean revolve around the philosophy that working with ABO is different. Straightforwardness is valued, with a direct, efficient and rational approach from entrepreneur to entrepreneur. ABO holds itself to the utmost standards of ethics and has a radical transparency built-in. The company is aligned with its clients, including investors and portfolio companies, working with the same mindset to discover the best opportunities for growth for the benefit of all parties. Communication is direct and continuous, allowing for access to the appropriate funding at the appropriate time. The attached infographic looks at some of the worldwide investment facts of ABO.


The vision which underpins Alpha Blue Ocean is that of building a better world. The belief at ABO is that small to medium enterprises and early-stage businesses are the foundation of the future economy and the next leaders of the world. ABO seeks to help overcome the challenges presented to SMEs through the increasingly conservative outlook of traditional financing institutions and banks, having developed an innovative financing strategy to this effect.

ABO acts in the best interests of all stakeholders and portfolio companies as a passive, non-invasive investor. The majority of the value of early-stage businesses and SMEs tends to be concentrated with just a few individuals who are highly qualified. ABO therefore places great emphasis on building strong relationships and paying attention to the human capital, analysing potential in people. Through developing a circle of trust, ABO is able to deliver tailored results to each client that are well-researched and sustainable. You can find out more about ABO’s tailored solutions by watching the short video attachment.

Investment Philosophy

The investment philosophy at Alpha Blue Ocean does not define the business as traditional asset managers or traders. Rather, ABO sees itself as a group of experienced entrepreneurs believing in and delivering solutions to other entrepreneurs. The aim is to finance those companies with business models that are defined as outstanding, but are not yet completely recognised and therefore require capital to lift them up and help them achieve their potential.

ABO works with all available asset classes to deliver swift transactions that offer great returns, are risk adjusted and provide the ultimate flexibility. Capital is allocated to various purposes, ranging from debt restructuring through vertical and horizontal growth to working capital, all while maintaining non-invasive and rapid transaction implementation for portfolio companies. The ABO team undertakes due diligence to identify opportunities, competitive advantages and key drivers of growth, working alongside management teams in portfolio companies to deliver a personalised service.

Fondation Bleu Ocean

Since inception, Alpha Blue Ocean has never had a primary focus on making meaningless revenue. Social impact is at the heart of the ABO philosophy, seeking to make a difference and improve society. The foundation ‘Fondation Ocean Bleu’ was created by the three founders to support a variety of endeavours aimed at the creation of a better future. Funds from the foundation support several causes, with the main focus on worldwide improvements in access to knowledge, both through education and initiatives for knowledge-sharing. Alpha Ocean Blue believes that a sustainable future is founded on everyone, everywhere having access to knowledge, hence the establishment of Fondation Ocean Bleu.